Awakening the saint

Awakening the saints daily devotional with Kenny Itak (c)11 February,2016.


Having considered the pathways of coming into the knowledge of his will,let us now look into gifts/talents/potential in the discovery of our assignments or call in life.

I really need you to follow me thoughtfully on this.

Our passion,talents or gifts;are they true  pointers to what God has called us to do?

Based on typical success motivation of our present day,the generalized impression we have come to embrace is the fact that our gifts or what we have flair for(passion)is an indicator of our assignment in life.
This is partially true.

However,if I would answer the question from sound apostolic position,I can tell you that in most cases,your true calling or purpose on earth may never have bearing with what you are gifted at or what you have flair for.

Considering James 1v17,we understand that every good GIFTS and ENDOWMENTS is from God(James1v17).

Definition of endowment by Webster refers to ones NATURAL capacity,ability or talent or potential.
In view of this,we can therefore deduce that talents,gifts,abilities or potentials all mean the same thing.

In the place of meditation,the Holy Ghost showed me based on scriptures,3 classes of GIFTS:

1)NATURAL endowments/gifts
3)MINISTRY gifts.

To a large degree,we have laid emphasis on the first,and played down on the last two.

Every man has NATURAL gift/ability or talent from God. It is the benevolence of God to everyman.

You do not need to be a tongue speaking believer to receive this NATURAL ability or talent from God….the worst of sinners,even an atheists have inherent gifts.

NATURAL ability/talent is given to everyman, but IMPARTATIONAL and MINISTRY GIFTS is exclusive to believers.

Ironically,one sided preachings has locked up many believers in their natural abilities, and they have not migrated into the last two classes.



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