Awakening the saints.

Awakening the saints daily devotional with Kenny ITAK (c)18 February,2016.


Do not forget our premises; three levels of GIFTINGS:
i) Natural gift
ii) Impartational gift
iii) Ministry gift

Please, permit me to lay a few fundamental doctrinal foundation before we look into the HOW believers can migrate from natural gift to impartational gifts. Thank you!

impartational & ministry gifts are exclusive gifts for the saints.
Based on Ephesians 4 vs 7 &12, these order of gifts are given by God for a few reasons:
i) Perfecting of the saints
ii) Work of ministry
iii) Edifying of the body of Christ

Now listen closely, you must understand that CHURCH is the singular and the paramount BUILDING PROJECT of the father on earth.

..I will BUILD my CHURCH (Matthew 16 vs 18).

CHURCH; not as a physical building of mega cathedral, but church as:
i) Our temple (body) becoming his habitation
ii) Corporate global body of Christ.

Moreso, we are called CO-LABOURERS with God (1Corinthins 3 vs 9, 2 corinthians 6 vs 1). God is LABOURING at something, and we are called to be labouring along side.

That which God is LABOURING at BUILDING is the CHURCH.

Now, this is the point: If I had a BUILDING PROJECT I wanted you to be part of, will I not  EQUIP you with BUILDING TOOL?

If God called us to be part of his building project, will he not EQUIP us with BUILDING TOOLS?
IMPARTATIONAL & MINISTRY GIFTS are the BUILDING TOOLS God has given saints in the building of his project called the CHURCH.

The question therefore is, what are you LABOURING at BUILDING? If you are not co-labourer with God towards his project (church), you cannot be handed these tools (impartational & ministry gifts).

CHURCH is the only entity that can deploy the WILL of the father on earth, and being a co-labourer in this project is beyond being a church member and of paying tithes.



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