Awakening the saint today

Awakening the saints daily devotional with Kenny ITAK (c)24 February,2016.


Are my passion/talents/flair a true pointer to God’s PURPOSE for me on earth?

The KINGDOM PURPOSE that a true disciple of Jesus will fulfill may not necessarily have bearing with what he has passion for.

Consider the lives of 12 disciples of Jesus.

What some of them knew how to do best was FISHING, and others were CUSTOM officers.

Peter never dreamt that one day he would pioneer the birth of a new testament church.
Paul zeal was towards something else before Jesus interrupted him, and his epistles are basic doctrinal foundation of church till now.

Gideon never carried  passion of delivering  Israel from the hand of the midianites, he was just a thresher of wheat.

Daddy Adeboye was treading the path he had passion for which was lecturing before his plans got intercepted by God.

Taribo West was a talented footballer, but what he primarily does today has no bearing with sport.

The ULTIMATE PURPOSE or CALL of God for you on earth may not always have a bearing with what you are gifted at or have passion for at the moment.

There will be situations of God anointing us to pioneer assignments we never dreamt of.
Assignment that we are naturally not gifted at. But one thing is sure, he will release grace and anointing to carry the burden to fulfill such course.

So, do not be rigid to think that your passion at the moment is a pointer to your ULTIMATE assignment in life, especially when such passion is merely serving an earthly course.

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