24 Feb 2016


God has made provision for you as His child to enjoy an unlimited life and the forces listed below are some of the keys that will help you access these provisions and apply them to your advantage in life.

1. Develop the Hearing Ear: You must develop the ear that can hear God. God is always speaking to His children but our hearts are not always in a state of where we can hear what He is saying. Hearing goes beyond just listening to the words being said; it means you understand the idea that the speaker is passing across to you. Many people just listen to words but do not understand what is being spoken to them. To hear means, “to perceive with the ear” i.e. to become aware of something that is being said or implied.

The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God (Roman 10:17). This tells us that your ability to hear the voice of God will come from how much of the word of God you have in your spirit. Also, you must develop the ear that can hear what men are saying. In life, you will meet critical people (fathers) who God has ordained to prepare you for your destiny. You must train your ears to hear the words that such people will speak to you – such words are part of the instructions for your safety in life.

2. Develop the Seeing Eye: Many people have walked into avoidable troubles and problems in life because they did not pay attention to details. Little things that they overlooked ended up causing them to lose things of great value. You must develop the eye that can see God when God is moving and also see the devil so as to avoid or deal with him appropriately. Joshua and the elders of Israel could not see through the deceit of the Gibeonites hence, they entered into covenant with those they should have killed (Joshua 9). May you not be blind and deaf to the signals of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, open my ears and my eyes to hear and see the intention of the Father and team up with divine purpose for my profit and progress in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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