Awakening the saints today.

Awakening the saints daily devotional with Kenny ITAK (c)25 February,2016.


Do not be too rigid to think your NATURAL TALENT/PASSION at the moment is a pointer to your ULTIMATE God given assignment in life, especially when such passion is merely serving an earthly course.

When God called Moses to step into the very essence of his life assignment, the only thing that Moses was best at doing was animal husbandry, and he had spent 40yrs in that business (Ex 3 vs 1, chpt 7 vs 7).

Moses was not ready to carry out THE WILL in relation to deliverance of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. Do you know why?
His set goals in life or passion was not in that area at all.

Moses even told God to look for someone who is NATURALLY GIFTED as an orator or a public speaker, because he (Moses) was not eloquent; he stammers (Exodus 4 vs 10).

So, you would notice that THE WILL or the PURPOSE that Moses eventually served in his generation had nothing to do with what he was gifted at, trained for or had passion for. However, God anointed him to carry out his eternal mandate.

So, when it comes to our NATURAL TALENTS or abilities, it is not too safe to assume the grand PURPOSE of God for our lives will be premised on it.

For instance, Dr Adewale Ayuba, the Bonsue Fuji crooner that got born again; greater chances are, the eternal WILL of God for him on earth, which he will now be discovering may have nothing to do with his NATURAL TALENTS (musician) which he has practiced for 33yrs.

Love what you are doing at the moment and be skillful at it, but be MEEK enough to allow God interrupt your personally written life agenda.


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