Awakening the saints of God 10th March, 2016

Awakening the saints daily devotional with Kenny ITAK (c)10 March,2016.


I will like to welcome new contacts on both whatsapp and bbm,and also friends who had been on board for almost 4years that this devotional started out. Thank u so much!

The global body of Jesus has come into new season, and one of the vital features that will characterize new frontier in the spirit is this: there will be unveiling of the REVELATIONS OF JESUS.

REVELATION means apocalypse; something that is hidden/secrets or mysterious being made known.
There are mysteries in Christ that end time bridal church must unveil before rounding up the age.

In 1 Samuel 3 vs 1 (Message), the scripture says the boy Samuel served God under Eli, and in those days the REVELATION of God was rare.

REVELATION being RARE or SCARCE does not mean people were not reading the WORD.
It simply means the SPIRIT that unleashes the LIFE of scripture into human soul had been shut down.

verse 7: Now Samuel did not yet KNOW the Lord, neither was the WORD REVEALED to him.

That is serious! In verse 1, Samuel was seen doing services unto the Lord, but verse 7 says he does not KNOW the Lord, and the spirit of the word (revelation) was not even revealed to him.

Brethren, it is possible to be doing church services and good works, and yet for a soul not to come into KNOWLEDGE of the son, or the unveiling of the revelation of Christ.

When REVELATION of the WORD is sealed to us, what remains is mental familiarity of the word; mere head information that does not permeate life inside the soul.
I do not claim to have monopoly of insight into scriptures, I said all that to let you know there are deeper truths in God we need to start plunging into.

That is just by the way. Let us look into Genesis 2 vs 27: So God created man in his own image…

Good morning

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